Rachel Stewart

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

I help busy women bring out their most badass selves with fitness and diet coaching programs that help you feel hot AF🔥in every part of your life!

Monthly Workout Guide💪 📝 Calorie Deficit Workbook

1:1 Coaching

Completely personalized and supported fitness and nutrition coaching. Work closely with me to help you reach your goals, build confidence, and work through the obstacles that have held your back in the past.

Group Coaching

Connect and collaborate with inspiring women while you crush your fitness and fat loss goals! Includes full fitness and nutrition programs with all coaching in a group setting.

Fit Baddie Basics Course

Signature course to get you started working my coaching systems and seeing results within weeks! Everything you need to guide your own success!

Hi! I'm Rachel!

I'm a certified trainer and nutrition coach. 

I help women lose fat and sculpt their bodies to boost their energy, confidence, and self-image so that they can step out of their comfort zone and level up in their careers and relationships.

No more waking up feeling like 💩 in your skin because excess fat, inflammation, and bad body-image are holding you back! I can help you to learn how to feed your body back to better health using a flexible diet and to integrate balanced training into your lifestyle so that you can become confident and unstoppable in all aspects of your life.


I grew up fat and self-conscious of my body. I struggled with diet and fitness for most of my life before I finally got so fed up! I dove into educating myself about nutrition and fitness to be able to finally find a system that was balanced, sustainable, and most of all that WORKED! 

In the past 3 years, I have helped so many women find their perfect balance, and I know that you can have yours too!

Find out more!

When big name diets or programs are leaving your frustrated and confused... I've got ya covered!

Your transformation is just around the corner!

Check out MyFit Courses to get yourself started today!


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