Bring Out Your


in 2020

8 weeks to lose fat, feel energized & confident and look hot AF in your skinny jeans!

Are you sick of crying in your closet every morning because nothing fits?

Do you know what you should do but can’t put it all together?

Does your busy schedule keep you from staying on track consistently?

Are you hoping to drop the holiday pounds and reach your weight loss goals in 2020?

with Rachel Stewart

I've got ya  covered, ladybug!

 Everything you do every day, all of the people you support, how much you have achieved…

you really are crushing it! 

I know how it feels to be held back by your body image, low energy and lack of confidence. Your days could be so much better! 

  • You could have positive energy all day long! 

  • You could finally figure out how to get those college/grad school/busy work life pounds off

  • You could slip into those skinny jeans and strut your stuff, walking into any room!

  • You could become the most badass, rockstar version of the awesome woman you already are!

You are already AMAZING !


You deserve to feel your best in your body... and it only takes 8 weeks!

"I have never been healthier in my life. The system Rachel teaches you is sustainable and is something that I can continue for the rest of my life!... You won't regret working with her"

~ Maria

What's included:

  • 8 weeks of my signature workout program & customized app

  • Eat for Nourishment ecourse and ebook

  • Community support and encouragement

  • Accountability materials and check-ins

  • Weekly group coaching calls

Being uncomfortable and self conscious in your body is the worst! Believe me, I was there for nearly 15 years. I was self-conscious, hated being in pictures with my friends, and was always covering up my body with sweatshirts and even pillows when I sat down.


I spent so many years hating on my body and shying away from my life! Never letting my awesomeness out because I was so sure that my body was the only thing that other people saw. 


My journey to lose weight was a struggle!! I was constantly trying new things, losing a couple lbs, then falling off and gaining it all back. Finding a sustainable and flexible method was the crucial change for me that allowed me to see finally results and to break out of my shell!  


In the past 5+ years working in the fitness industry as a trainer, instructor and diet coach, I have helped so many women make the same physical transformations and find a similar mindset. ​

Working together online means that I can teach you my signature method and share with you every trick I have. We will get to connect as often as you need, so that you are supported through the whole process... not lost like I was. By the end of the 8 weeks , you will have all you need to carry your success far into your future!

I know this system works because I live it every day! It is the exact method that I used to lose 30 lbs and to keep it off!

Hi! I'm Rachel!

Imagine what life would feel like...

Having tons of energy to play with your kids or walk your dog after a productive work day.

Feeling comfortable in of your clothes (and sexy out of them😉). 

Smiling in pictures and not looking for a way to hide your stomach or arms. 

Having a solid system of support and accountability to help you get over your excuses

A flexible and sustainable approach that works long-term in YOUR life!

Finally losing the college weight while still getting to have wine and chocolate!

Your transformation starts January 5th!

Apply now! Spots are limited!

Special FAST ACTION bonus for the first 5 people who sign on-

1:1 private coaching call to dive deeper into your specific needs, answer all of your questions and set you up for best success ($250 value!)

2020 is your year!

To the girl who has read all the way to the bottom,


Or has scrolled up and down a few times, looked at the pictures, hovered over the application button, and still not made the move.  


I know how scary it feels...


Because what if you invest in this program and give it a try, but you fail. Again. What if it's hard and sometimes you fall off track and you can't be perfect at it and your body is just some messed up exception that doesn't get results?

But let me ask you this... what if it works?! What if you finally get the fat loss you want, finally have support and accountability, finally see a clear path to building the happy, energetic life that you want?

When you sign on to this program, you invest in more than just some workouts and diet advice. You commit to showing up for yourself and making your health a priority. You commit to living a lifestyle that shows a positive example to the people who depend on you. You commit to no excuses and life-long results. 

And I commit, whole-heartedly, to giving you all the support you could possibly need to be successful. I am on your side, and I have been in your shoes. I promise, ladybug, that this is possible for you! You'll have me and the other supportive women in the program to make sure that it happens!

Are you in? I'm in, if you are.

Cheering you on,



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