The one diet change to make NOW for better health!

March 24, 2019

I won’t beat around the bush on this one…. It’s DITCHING DAIRY!


Getting rid of dairy is the single diet change that will have the most sweeping, measurable improvements on your health.


I just wrapped up my 5 day free challenge, “Dare to Go Dairy-Free”, and the participants saw these affects in just that short amount of time!



Here’s the WHYs:


All humans are sensitive to dairy. All. Of. Us. Even if you can’t feel it, you are.


There are 2 parts of the dairy that are really rough on our systems- the sugars (lactose) and the proteins (casein).


LACTOSE- When we are babies, we produce a digestive enzyme called lactase that helps us to break down the lactose in breast milk. But, as we grow and wean from breast milk, our systems stop producing the lactase, because we don’t need to be digesting that specific sugar any more. In the past several thousand years, we have maintained a small percentage of the lactase in our systems because we never wean off of breast milk (because that’s what cow’s milk is), but we still don’t have as much as we would need to digest it easily.


CASEIN- We have heard a lot lately about the issues around gluten proteins, and the proteins (casein) in dairy are very similar in structure to those in gluten. They are really tough to digest, which causes the string of health problems associated with dairy.


Our sensitivities to the lactose and casein in dairy affect our system in 3 specific ways:


  1. INFLAMMATION- caused by how difficult it is to break down the lactose and casein. Spreads all over our body, and is a contributing factor to many ailments that plague Americans (high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, cancer)

  2. DIGESTION- inflamed digestive tract means irregular bowel movements, and an unbalanced gut biome. Not only is that super uncomfortable, but can be an issue long term (think colon cancers and IBS)

  3. HORMONE balance- caused again by inflammation in the gut and messed up gut biome. Did you know that most of our hormone creation and regulation happens in our gut? PLUS, dairy is full of mammal reproductive hormones, just like the ones in our body… so it impacts our hormonal balance that way too.


I described it all in the first day of the 5 day challenge. Here is the recording from the Facebook live training. Check it out for all the details. CLICK the image to view the video  

Long story, short… ditching dairy is the BEST and SIMPLEST change that we can make to benefit our long-term health.


BONUS! It helps making fat loss and management easier too!


Want access to all the video recordings to learn all the good stuff? EMAIL me with the subject like dairy-free videos, and I’ll get you set up with video access!


CLICK HERE for 5 FREE dairy-free recipes that you would never expect to be dairy-free!


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