4 Simple Strategies to Stay on Track This Weekend

May 3, 2019



Do you have to restart your diet every Monday?... Not this week!


Tell me if this cycle is familiar… 

      Healthy eating all week long with lots of veggies, water and lean protein.

      Friday, after work hits, it’s happy hour with coworkers or home for sweatpants and Netflix.

      You’ve worked hard all week, so you treat yourself on Friday night. 

      And, somehow, it continues for the rest of the weekend.


You get back to Monday morning, and you feel like you are starting all over!


Every. Single. Week. 


It doesn’t have to be like that! The weekend can actually help you to move forward toward your goals, NOT hold you back. 


Here’s how to do it:


Try to keep your morning routine the same.

During the week , you start your morning with a balanced breakfast, you prepare and pack (or at least think about) your meals for the day. You make good choices to start your day off on a good, healthy foot. Do the same over the weekend! This will bring your healthy priorities to your attention right off the bat. It also helps your body to keep it's midweek rhythm. You digestion should operate the same, and your energy levels should be similar, or higher, as they are during the week.


I always start my day with a big glass of water, my Super Greens drink, and then a cup of coffee. Same thing on the weekend. It's my favorite way to start the day and works wonders on my energy and digestion. Bonus, it's a great hangover remedy that actually makes your body so happy and healthy. Click here to get the Super Greens recipe. 


Enjoy meals out, but stay on track.

When you are working toward a specific goal, like your weight loss or fitness goals, every meal out at a restaurant can't turn in to a huge indulgence. It just can't. And, to be honest, most indulgent restaurant meals, aren't worth the extra calories and fat, or the feeling of bloated discomfort after. If you have been eating clean for a while, a fried, greasy, salty restaurant meal isn't going to make you feel very good at all.


Instead, order something as close to your mid-week healthy eating plan as possible, so that you stay on track, your system reacts well, and you don't spiral into an all out cheat weekend. If you just have to have the heavier treat, balance it with veggie sides, and skip the bread basket. I wrote a whole blog post about these tips, check it out for more specifics. 

Meals out are about more than just the food.  Focus on connecting with the people around you, not stuffing in all the treats.


Choose treats wisely, and only one at a time.

You can 100% still make progress toward your goals and enjoy indulgent treats. It's important to start to build the ability to choose the treats that are really worth the impact on your daily calories, or even going over. You can get fries, pizza, and burgers any where. Choose to go all out when it's really special and unique. Enjoy the treat slowly, and balance it with veggies and protein earlier in the day. 


Only have one treat at a time. It will help your system process through the additional carbs, salt, fat, and additives that the meal is likely carrying. Your digestion and metabolism won't get overly slammed with more work, and your digestion won't suffer as much. This mindset also helps you to get back to your program faster, and lessens the likely of spiraling into a bingey weekend.


So, have an indulgent Sunday brunch, but don’t let that carry over in to dinner too. Have the wine or the dessert, but not both. Choose the one that is the most worth it and savor every bite or sip.


Get moving. 

You have so much more time on the weekends to get your butt to the gym! So, do it.

Again, this sets the tone for your weekend, and keeps your healthy priorities at the forefront. Schedule in one of the workouts from your plan for the weekend, to make sure you get some movement in. Then, use the extra time off to do activities that you enjoy and keep you moving. Need a workout plan, try this!


A day off of work is not a day off from your pursuit of your weight loss and fitness goals. 


You can enjoy your weekends wisely to recharge and reconnect, but without losing sight of your healthy future.


Need more help with your perfect program? Click here to read about 1:1 coaching opportunities.


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