Six Weeks to Summer Slim Down

April 22, 2019


Summer is finally coming!


Did this winter seem impossible long to anyone else?


But finally, the weather is getting warmer, the days are longer, and summer is coming!


That means summer clothes, bathing suits, social gatherings, and time off of work! (if you’re in education, like me)


There are six weeks until June first. At least to me, that is the real start of summer!


Are you feeling the pressure to slim down before then?

Do you want to rock your tanks, sundresses and bikinis with CONFIDENCE this year!?


Me, too!


Luckily for us, six weeks is plenty of time to see real progress!

To drop some lbs, change our habits, and take steps toward an active lifestyle that will continue our results long after summer arrives.


Here’s what to do:


Get serious and consistent about getting your workouts in.

At least 3 times a week, hit the gym for some balanced strength training and effective cardio.

If you’re already doing this, think about increasing one more day, or adding on 15-20 min of low-intensity cardio at the end of your strength days.

CLICK HERE to get my "Building a Workout 101" download.

Keep yourself committed and accountable for the entire 6 weeks, and you are bound to see results.


Hone in your nutrition to reflect this new goal.

Find yourself a moderate calorie deficit, and keep it consistently, every single day for the next six weeks.

If you’re already in a calorie deficit, then focus on consistency and adherence.

Need help figuring out how much you should be eating?

CLICK HERE for my macros handbook that explains it all.



Stay consistent and accountable.

Notice how those two words keep popping up? Because they are the KEY!

With a deadline like six weeks, we have less time to mess around. Less opportunity for cheat meals or for excuses to skip a workout. Commit yourself to insane consistency for a month and a half, and you will go so far!


I love to use an actual paper calendar, write my daily goals at the top, and then use different colors to X of the days where I stick to it! Red for days I killed my goals, and black for days I was off. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing that calendar filled with red! CLICK HERE for an accountability calendar printable.


Build momentum and celebrate new confidence!

Just a few weeks into getting serious and consistent, and you will definitely start to notice results! This, above anything else, is the most motivating thing! You will build momentum, and your confidence in yourself will skyrocket. That’s what happens when we take action and see results! Latch on to this feeling, and make decisions that keep the results coming.


Reward yourself at the end point.

Not with food, because you’re not a dog and that doesn’t fit the new lifestyle that you are building.


-buy yourself a new workout or summer outfit

-rock a new bikini

-go to a fun event

- get a mani/pedi



Whatever, just acknowledge and celebrate all of your hard work!


This last six week push till summer could be a high-stress pressure, OR you can choose that it is a super empowering, mad motivating, kick in the pants to get the thing done before the pool opens!


I’m choosing the latter, and I am so freaking fired up!


How are you feeling? Need some help creating your program? CLICK HERE to apply for my 1:1 coaching program, and I’ll help you do it the whole way!


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