How to Stay Consistent with a Crazy, Busy Schedule!

March 29, 2019

Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m a busy body.

I work a full time job, teach fitness classes in the evening, nurture online coaching clients, AND find time to workout 5 days a week…. Oh and have a social life!


Am I crazy? NO!....but, I would be going crazy, losing sleep, and NOT keeping up with my healthy lifestyle if it weren’t for these things:


1) Decide that it is a PRIORITY.

Put it high on your list. Right behind the non-negotiables like family, work, and sleep. Then comes healthy meals and working out. They are the fundamentals for your weight loss, energy, self-care and survival.

Shift your mindset and make your fitness and nutrition non-negotiable. It will help you to get it in, even if it’s abbreviated.


2) Schedule like a Boss!

Not a planner person? Learn to be! Schedule your time for meal prep and workouts into your calendar at the beginning of the week (or month). Let other things fall around those. When they are integrated into your days, they become more habitual.


Bonus! Set alerts to go off in the morning and 30 min before to remind you what is scheduled that day, so you can prioritize it all day long.


Here’s a screenshot of my Google Cal for this week, yellow is my workouts, purple is for fit classes, green is coaching work, and blue is social engagements (I don’t put in my full time job 7-2:30 every day)...alerts for everything and I am good to go!



3) Meal Prep like a Pro!

It’s impossible to make healthy choices if they aren’t available! So spend an hour or so getting things ready on the weekend, so that you are good to go for the week! When healthy options are staring at you in the fridge, it’s so much easier to make the healthier choice. You will have no reason to swing by the drive through when you have healthy meals prepared at home, or packed to take with you.


To help you out, I created this awesome new free download! It gives my method for how I prep for the week, and them method that I teach my clients. Now, it’s yours! Click here to get the free download!



As with any new habit, it takes a few weeks (21 repetitions) to let it set in.


So, for 3 weeks, remind yourself every morning that your healthy transformation is a PRIORITY, get that MEAL PREP in, and keep that SCHEDULE updated for no excuses!


Always here cheering you on,



p.s. don't hesitate to email me with any questions! I would love to get to know more about you!


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