Losing Weight on a Plant-Based Diet: the WHYs

December 2, 2018


Are you sick of diet gimmicks that promise weight loss but make you feel depleted crummy?

Do you have a hard time with the low carb craze because ummm you love carbs and carbs are in


literally everything!? (Including the fruits and veggies that we know are the healthiest things for our bodies!)

Do you want to finally invest your energy into a way of eating that is sustainable and really makes you healthier?


Sounds like you’re in the right spot for a plant-based diet! 


The science on fat loss is pretty cut and dry… you have to be in a caloric deficit, meaning you are consuming less calories than your body is burning, over an extended period of time. The diets that you have tried (and failed at) in the past work because they are putting you into that deficit. BUT, they haven’t been working for you because they aren’t sustainable! Either making you eat too little, simply flushing out your digestion, or by cutting out the most energizing food there is… carbs!


It doesn’t have to be like that. You can eat big, abundant meals, give your body all the nutrients it needs, stave off hunger, and still lose weight! All with a plant-based diet.


Here’s why I believe so wholeheartedly in a plant-based diet for a healthy fat loss transformation:


1) It encourages you to eat the most health-promoting foods on the planet!


At the deepest root of your weight loss goal, why do you want it? For your health! You want to be able to run around with your kids (or your dogs). You want energy to get through you day. You want to feel confident and sexy in your body. You want to live a long vibrant healthy life!


Now that you have connected to that healthy motivation, think about this… what are the 3 healthiest, most nutritious foods that you can think off?


                 Go ahead and think…


                  I would bet good money that you came up with things like broccoli, kale, spinach, berries, etc…

What do you notice? They are all plants!!! Plants provide your body with the most nutritional (vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, etc) punch and provide all of the fuel (carbs, protein, and fat) that your body needs to thrive. When you are giving your body so much quality nutrition, it is going to feel GOOD making it that much easier to maintain your caloric deficit.


2) You can eat BIG and still lose weight!


Most plant foods are naturally lower in calories than other foods because they have a lot of water and fiber taking up space but not adding density. This means that your meals can be more voluminous while still staying in the appropriate caloric range for your fat loss goals. In fact, you may find yourself eating larger meals than you were before because these plants fill up your tummy with their high volume.


Be careful to not accidentally under eat or take your calories too low. This can hinder your weight loss and decrease your energy. If you’re feeling hungry and sluggish, try increasing calories a bit. Not sure what and appropriate range is for you? Email me here! That’s my coaching specialty!


3) You will avoid foods that can make fat loss harder!

Foods that don’t come from plants like processed products, high fat dairy, red meat, and stuff with lots of added sugars make weight loss harder because they are so easily digested and absorbed into our system. They wreak havoc on our blood sugar levels, and cause digestive and heart problems. When you focus on eating lots of whole plants, you leave out this other stuff which eliminates its negative effects on your body. You decrease inflammation and excess mucus production which adds fluff. And, you help support a healthy gut and digestive system.


Eating a plant-based diet makes weight loss easier and improves your health. It’s a win-win!


Once you settle into the benefits of a plant-based diet, the progress will just happen. But, if you are currently eating a standard american diet, it will take some intention to make successful transition that will work for you into the future. Stay tuned, to next week’s post about methods to make it work!


Ready to start now but need some personal support? Let’s chat! That’s what I’m good at!


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