Plant-Based MACROS 101

November 6, 2018

Making magic with macros!


Macronutrients are the nutrients in food that have calories. They are hot buzzwords right now in the world of diet and weightloss because your caloric balance is the key to your progress. 


Can you track macros on a plant-focused diet? You bet you can! Let's break it down:


There are 3 macronutrients that are found in all foods:

  • Carbs = 4 cals/gram

  • Protein = 4 cals/gram

  • Fat = 9 cals/gram



Let’s talk about the biggest villain 😈 in the diet and weightloss world right now...CARBS!⁣

Carbohydrates are your body’s first and foremost source of ENERGY . 🎆They provide the fuel for your muscles’ movements, your nervous system, and hormonal function. ⁣

Carbs are NOT to be feared! We need them!⁣

So why the vilification?⁣

They are essential for having energy throughout the day, but we run into some trouble when we are over eating simple, quick digesting carbs and sugars. This can be rough on your blood sugar levels, make it hard to stabilize your weight and promote long-term negative health effects like diabetes. ⁣

BUT complex carbs like those from whole plant foods are slower digesting and come along with vital vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients that your body thrives on!⁣

So eat carbs and plenty of them! Try to make sure that the vast majority of your carbs are from whole plants so you can reap all of those benefits. Try these sources:⁣
🔘Whole grains like oats, brown rice, barley, and buckwheat🍚⁣
🔘Potatoes and sweet potatoes🍠🥔😍⁣
🔘Fruits and vegetables🍎🥕🥦⁣
🔘Beans and legumes⁣
🔘whole or sprouted grain breads🍞⁣

Keeping your servings of healthy carbs spread throughout the day will help to keep your energy balance. You can also add a bit extra to your pre and post workout meals to really drive your training!💪🏼⁣




But… where do you get your PROTEIN?! The plant-based protein myth is REAL y’all!🤷🏻‍♀️
“So you’re vegan. That’s cool but...what about PROTEIN? The truth is that meeting daily protein values is super easy on plants!

Here’s what you need to know about protein:
🔘Helps muscle growth, retention & repair
🔘Helps w/ many bodily functions- digestion, hormones, pH balance
🔘keeps you fuller for longer

TRUTH BOMB- many Americans think they need way more protein than they do, and they don’t realize that plant foods are actually really high in protein (and have all of those magic micronutrients that we need!)

WHERE TO FIND IT(grams per 100g weight):

  • Tofu (17g)

  •  Tempeh (19g)

  • Seitan (+70g)

  • Beans (5-9g)

  • Lentils (9g)

  • Pumpkin seeds (32g)

  • Broccoli (3g)

  • Quinoa (5g)

  • Brown rice (3g)

And that’s just a few!

BONUS- these ingredients can create some pretty delicious meals, AND have tons of vitamins and minerals to help your body thrive!

** What about plant-based PROTEIN POWDER? Do you need it? → NO! It can be really helpful to add in if you have trouble getting in protein and if you have more specific fitness goals, but it is 100% not necessary. I really like it to add sweetness and extra protein in to my meals. .

WHAT TO DO —> eat a wide variety of plant foods & make sure you are including protein-rich foods spread throughout your day. You’ll meet your daily target, no sweat 😓 




Take your health to the next level with HEALTHY FATS!⁣

I know, I know,... FAT!? Really? But I’m trying to NOT be so fat… shouldn’t I avoid it? NO!⁣

Fats, specifically the healthy unsaturated kinds found in plants, are essential to your body’s functions and overall health. ⁣

When you are working to make a healthy transformation, prioritize getting in enough HEALTHY FATS. Here’s why:⁣
- Higher satiety helps you stay fuller, longer⁣
- Promotes healthy metabolism⁣
- Carries & helps absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals⁣
- Essential for brain function and nerve signaling⁣
- Helps with blood clotting, muscle movement, and inflammation⁣
- Promotes healthy hair and skin⁣

Eating healthy fats is an obvious easy choice, but the most important thing is to choose HEALTHY fat sources from PLANTS. Other fats are mostly saturated and trans fats that have overall negative effects on your health, specifically on your cholesterol, cardiovascular health, and type 2 diabetes risk.⁣

🥜Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and macadamia etc ⁣
🌰Seeds like flax, chia, and hemp⁣
🥑Avocados (the real MVP of healthy fats)⁣
🍸Olives or olive oil⁣

Try adding a serving (1-2 Tbps) of healthy fats into each meal, and see your health bloom!⁣


OK, macros are cool...So what do you you do with them? Download my Macros Handbook!

  • Build balanced meals by including a serving of all 3 on top of a few servings of veggies.

  • Try to spread your intake of each throughout the day so your body can utilize it best.

  • Avoid overdoing it or neglecting any of the 3

BALANCE is everything!


To help accelerate your weight loss, you can identify an appropriate calorie target, putting you in a deficit and then look at the ratio of the macronutrients that are filling up that calorie amount.



Track your food to keep you mindful and accountable of your food throughout the day. Hit your ranges and targets consistently for a few weeks, and watch the progress happen.


More importantly, start to learn about what makes up different foods in your diet. When you know more about your food, you can start to make healthier choices, eat appropriate calories, and balance out your day more automatically, without actually having to track.


Leave room for occasional treats by learning how to give and take your macros to make them fit!


That is when healthy, balanced eating has become a HABIT! You are building your HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. See how far it can take you!


Need help with deciding what’s the right value for your or tailoring meals to fit your goals? Let’s chat!

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