How to Overcome the #1 Thing Holding You Back in Your Health and Fitness Journey

August 5, 2018

Imagine this scenario. Wendy, a busy, social young professional, is sick of her inactive, sluggish lifestyle that has left her overweight, tired, and unhappy. Wendy is ready to make a change, so she gets on the internet and scours social media for the hottest weightloss and healthy living trends. She sees the keto diet, paleo-based recipes, vegan non-gmo granola bars, high-itensity 24-minute plyo workouts, tips for building boulder shoulders, and ads full of toothy smiles promising that an activity tracker will change your life. All of these conflicting ideologies sound cray-cray to Wendy. They buzz around her head until she is desperate enough to Google "fast weightloss" where she finds her first exposure to skinny tea detoxes and waist trainers. Oh the horror! 


Wendy takes a deep breath and decides that the keto diet sounds like the one to try. "I can eat all of the bunless burgers I want!? Awesome." She's all gung-ho for about 10 days, until Friday happy hour with her friends creeps up, and she hears her favorite mac & cheese bites calling from the bar's menu. There's the end of the keto attempt.


The same pattern follows with other methods: 2 weeks eating paleo, but she missed bread, only 3 days doing high intensity torture workouts, and after a week, her activity tracker is simply a smart watch sending her notifications from her phone. Wendy is back where she started- frustrated, still overweight, and no results to show for her efforts.  


Sound familiar? What is the #1 thing that kept Wendy - that keeps all of us - from reaching her health, fitness, and weightloss goals? Take a wild guess.


It's not lack of discipline or will power.

It's not laziness.

It's not a naturally slow metabolism. 


The top thing that keeps us from succeeding in creating the healthy, fit life that we want is lack of consistency: our inability to stick with one plan over the long term. All of the diet and workout philosophies mentioned above can work. They do work for some people because those people have found that lifestyle sustainable and achievable in their life. But what about the rest of us?


We spend months or years jumping around from diet to diet. Lost and confused about what is going to actually work for us, but never really giving anything a long enough chance to create results. We know that we won't lose all the weight over night, but when something doesn't start kicking in immediately, we give up and move on to the next method promising the easiest results.


This confusion stems mostly from lack of education about the science behind weightloss and not having someone to show us the way and encourage (or force) us to stay the course long enough to see results. 


We need someone to look to for answers. Someone with a background in the field, who has a game plan or strategy. Who can call the shots and make adjustments as needed. Some one who can fire us up with a halftime pep talk when we are slacking or going through a rough patch.


Sounds an awful lot like a coach doesn't it?


When we are doing anything else in our life for which we don't have a good educational background we hire a professional. Leaky toilet, call a plumber. Need a haircut, call a stylist. Looking at continuing education credits for your job, hire an educator.


Need guidance toward health, fitness and weightloss? Hire a coach!


With the assistance of someone who has the knowledge to help you, you will finally see the consistency that you need that leads to progress. With someone to support and encourage you, you will pull through those rough patches and keep trying. With a financial and time investment into your health, you will see the worth in prioritizing the right things. And, heck, you may even find a new friend in the process. 


When Wendy finally realized that she couldn't (and didn't want to) go it alone anymore, she hired an online coach and finally saw the plan clearly. She has been kicking ass lately! Losing weight at a healthy rate, trying new workouts that are right for her, and bonding with an awesome new friend who makes her goals and work seem important. Having the support of her coach has totally changed the game for her. 


Are you ready to figure it out? Are you ready to invest in yourself and start a journey that will actually lead you toward your goals? Let's do it! I am so ready to help you get there! Email me today for more info. 


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