Getting "back on track" after a weekend off

July 30, 2018

This past weekend my best friend/college roommate and I went back to our college town to relive our glory days. It was our 10 year "friendiversary", and I hadn't been back there in almost 6 years. I decided to give myself the weekend off of my program, and really enjoy it. Boy, did I! 


I didn't workout or track my food. I drank all the beers, ate all of my favorite foods, and enjoyed the time with my bestie and our dudes. It was an amazing time, and I don't regret any of it for a second.


My body on the other hand, is hurting a little bit. Here it is, Monday night, I am still exhausted, and my digestion still hasn't recovered.

Does it suck? Sure.

Is all the progress I've made over the past few weeks lost and gone forever? Absolutely not.


What I am doing to get back on track:

Literally, the same things I was doing before. The track that I was on was the right one. It was working and I felt great on it. So right back to the regularly scheduled program. No punishment cardio or juice cleanse or starvation; just the healthy habits that I have been putting into place. More specifically:

1. Going to bed super early. I hope to be asleep before the sun goes down. - I'm just really tired...so sleep, duh. 

2. Drinking crap tons of water. - help flush out some of the water I am holding on to thanks to the extra sugar, carbs, salt, and alcohol that I consumed.

3. Eating the same nutrient dense, delicious meals I have been eating all summer. - THAT is what will make me feel better. Not skipping meals or drinking "skinny" laxative tea. Here's what I had (plus an apple, some thin rice cakes, and a protein pudding for dessert)


4. Getting back to the gym when I don't feel so run down. - Today, I just didn't have a big heavy workout in me, even though my mind was telling me I needed to move and sweat. I listened to what my body was saying, and just took the dog for an extra walk. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be ready to get in there and kick my own ass. 


One thing I didn't do was to jump on the scale this morning. I know it would have shown a jump in my weight. I don't need to know the specifics. I'll probably hold off on weighing in until next weekend. I know myself well enough to know that I don't need that number influencing my day. 


Since I have already worked hard to build this healthy lifestyle, it's easy to just get right back into it without missing a beat. The results and progress that I have had this summer didn't just disappear, and I'll get right back to it in the same way I got there in the first place: a healthy, sustainable program that makes me feel awesome. 


The hardest part, honestly, is the day-to-day prep work before the trip or the special occasion. Learning your body, making the right changes, and building the habits to get you toward your goal. Having someone to guide you can help so much, and I would love to help you get started! Let's chat about how I can help!


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