The #1 Reason Why Nutrition > Exercise

July 26, 2018

Alright, you've made the decision. You're ready to make a change and you know you need it. You're going to start prioritizing your health, losing weight, getting active. You get online a google the latest fitness trends, workout programs, and diets. There are so many, and you're not sure which way to turn. What do you do?


For many, the first move is to join a gym or buy a 30/60/90 day workout program. It's a quick action, something that makes you feel like you've already accomplished something. And that is awesome. If it gets you in the door, or if you complete the program, congrats to you! 


But for most of us, I have some bad news. We took the wrong first step.


Sure, getting active can only help. However, if you are really ready to make healthy changes, see some fat loss, and feel better, your first step should be nutrition.


Think about it... When asking which part of a health lifestyle will make the most difference, ask this:

     How many times a week do you workout?... Maybe 3 or 4? If you stick to your plan and don't find reasons to skip the gym.

     How many times a week do you eat? ... Probably 21 +. Everyday you eat. You never miss that.


So, just by frequency, improving dietary habits will have a greater affect on our progress toward our goals than exercise will. It's a little bit of difference that you are introducing into your system consistently throughout the day. 


Making better nutrition choices will make a bigger difference than exercise. Always.


We want it to be the other way around because adding in a workout only affects us about 60 min, maybe 3 or 4 times per week. Changing the way we eat is much more wide sweeping adjustment, and is therefore more difficult to implement and stick with. Ideally, we would hone in on both, having a workout plan and diet program that work together to bring us to our ultimate goals. That's a lot. Baby steps is where it's at!


So, let's do the work where it will really pay off! If you're going to start somewhere, start by taking and inventory of your eating habits. Can you swap out processed foods for whole ones? Can you add in more vegetables and reduce the amount of fries and pizza you are eating? Can you stick within the right caloric range for you? Can you stay consistent for 30, 60, 90 days? If you can, you WILL see results, and they will be long lasting. 


If going it alone seems confusing, or staying consistent is daunting to you, let's chat. My coaching may be just what you are looking for!





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