8 Week Mini Slim-Down: Week 4 Update

July 21, 2018

I've been at this little mini-cut for 4 weeks now. I am at the halfway point, so it's time for a good update.


Before we get into that, I had a friend at the gym ask me why I am calling this a "mini" slim-down. The only reason is that I am only putting myself into a caloric deficit for 8 weeks. For anyone who is embarking on a true weightloss transformation journey, they need to invest more than 8 weeks. It can take months, even years, to shed weight and keep it off, depending on where you are starting. 


I don't have that much weight to lose anymore. The bulk of my transformation happened slowly over the past 10 or so years. For me, this period is only to lean out a bit for some events I have coming up, and because I now have the tools to do it effectively and healthily without sacrificing my quality of life in the process. 


So here's where I am (pink bra is the start of week 1, black bra is now):

 Total: -3.5 lbs , -5 inches overall


I am really pleased with those numbers. They are a good pace for healthy fat loss. I can definitely notice some leanness especially in my midsection, stomach and love handles. I have a long torso, and shorter arms and legs, so my core leans out first, and my limbs tend to hang on to fat a little longer. So this is exactly what I expected. 


The changes are slight. May be not very noticeable to you at all. As they say "4 weeks before you notice results, 8 weeks before those close to you notice, 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice"... totally applicable to me right now. 


 This chart is a really interesting piece of data to point out. I have weighed in just about everyday over the past 4 weeks, and you can see I've had quite a bit of fluctuation. This is so normal and to be expected in a fat loss, but we often are disappointed to see the scale jump. However, the overall trend is downward, and that is exactly what we are looking for. A couple specifics about my weigh-ins:

  • My lowest weights always came on either Friday or Saturday morning, and then I saw a jump the next day. This reflects a full week of good adherence and home-cooked meals. Then a dinner out that resulted in a jump the next day. No worries! That is just extra salt and carbs from the meal that were holding on to some water. Gone the next day. 

  • I definitely experienced a jump on the scale before my period this month. As I should, my body was working hard on that cycle, and water retention helps with that. Embrace it. 

What I've been eating:

Tons of delicious nourishing food. Dieting doesn't mean starvation. It means lots of nourishment, and less junk. 

 What I've been doing:

Workouts are similar to what I posted last week. I have been subbing a bunch of extra fitness classes that are also adding to my overall activity.


This fat loss period has been the easiest of my life so far. I feel like that is evidence of the program that I have built over the past several months. I am itching to share it with others. Are you interested in diet or fitness coaching? I'm your girl!







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