8 Week Mini Slim-Down: Week 3, exercise

July 14, 2018

It's been three weeks into this little slim down period, and things are rolling right along. My scale weight has been hovering the whole week between the same number I saw last week and about half a pound less. This puts my average weight at only about 1/4 pound down from last week. 


Sounds good to me! Still a net loss, and I feel like I am looking tighter (progress pics next week) even though the scale doesn't reflect that. That's the thing with scales- sometimes they show numbers that don't match how we're looking or feeling. Sometimes they don't show the right number at all. Sometimes we don't give a shit what number they show. It's all good. 


So, I thought this week, I would take more about what my exercise looks like on this program.


Before summer started, my normal weekly training consisted of (this could vary depending on what the week look like, but this is what I aimed for each week):

  • 4 days of lifting - 2 upper body focused and 2 lower body focused

  • 1-2 days of cardio/interval training

  • maybe: 1 longer run or 1 hot yoga class

  • 1 full rest day


With school being out for the summer, I have more flexibility in the schedule of my day and I am teaching fitness classes at more sporadic times. I was having a hard time wasting beautiful sunshiney days in the gym. So I switched up my training for this cut, and I am really happy with the results I have been getting. Here's what I have done:

  • Reduced my lifting days to 2/week (1 upper/1lower) -- because I am in a caloric deficit, I can't expect to build any real muscle or strength right now. These sessions are mostly to keep pumping the muscles I do have and limit any muscle loss over the 8 week period. I have been doing more supersets and circuits to keep my workouts shorter and more effective. I have found that I become less fatigued and am recovering faster than when I was doing heavy, concentrated session. I may go back to these when I am done cutting and ready to build some more muscle though

  • Increased HIIT (high intensity interval training) days to 3 -- mostly, I am just really loving these kinds of workouts. They are fun and make me feel so good! I think they are also helping to put me in a caloric deficit. 

  • Still doing at least 1 longer run and 1 hot yoga class -- again, they make me feel good!

  • Taking a full rest day whenever I feel like I need it -- putting your body into a caloric deficit and staying active is tiring! I've been working really hard to listen to my body when it is asking for rest

All of these changes have really made me enjoy my gym time more. I'm there for no more than an hour, and I leave feeling energized! I've adapted my training to fit my goals and my lifestyle right now.


It's important to not get stuck into one idea of what exercise is. Effective exercise looks different for all of us. It even changes during different times in our lives. There is no right way to do it! What's your favorite way to exercise? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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