8 Week Mini Slim-Down: week 2

July 9, 2018

I have been coaching myself for 2 weeks. At this point in the program, I have 14 data points (weigh-ins on the scale) to reflect on. After 2 weeks, I also retook my measurements to see any changes there. Here's what 2 weeks on my program looks like:

Total loss:     -2 lbs.     -2 inches

Not a dramatic change in the slightest. Pictures/the rest of the world may not reflect the difference yet, but I can see some change in my midsection- mostly in my waist and love handles. Those areas are where I lost the inches. It always seems to go there first. Last will be my legs. 


The most interesting thing to look at it, in my fitness nerd opinion, is the data of the changes in weight on the scale:

 You can see I started on the 24th with my first weigh in in months. Over the past 2 weeks, my weight has been on an overall downward trend, but I definitely didn't lose weight consistently everyday. I had some lower days, I had a couple of consistent days in there where it leveled off. But over all, it is still going down. 


Today, July 9th, I am clearly back up a bit. There are so many reasons why our weights fluctuate, but this is what I think is happening: Two nights ago, I went to the Taylor Swift concert (which was amazing btw!!) and I had a couple drinks and stayed up way later than my body is used to. Those factors would definitely cause my body to hold on to some water, thus the scale going up a bit. On top of that, today I can feel my period coming- bloating, crampy, tired and grumpy. Yep I have all of it. And as we know, ladies, that will cause us to weigh in just a little bit up as well. 


So first, I am reminding myself why I saw the scale go back up over the past 24 hours. Second, I am noticing that even with this higher weigh in, it is still lower than when I started. This tells me that when my body is finished shedding this hormonal water, I'll be back in the game. I may have even made some progress under this bloat and will weigh in lower in a few days. We just have to give ourselves some slack during this week. It's totally normal (healthy, even) that my weight is up.


I'm still super happy with this rate of loss.It's is maintainable and healthy for my body, and I don't feel the slightest bit deprived or depleted. 


Here's what I've been eating this week:

Still eating tons of nutrient dense foods. I am eating all of my staple meals- oatmeal, salads, guacamole, ice cream. I am making room for my favorite treats- daily chocolate and a glass of wine here and there.  


Because of the nature of this program, I get to keep eating things that I love while balancing them with super nutritious foods (which I also love). I don't have to outlaw any "bad foods" or force myself to eat things I hate. It's all about the right amount of calories for my body. I love the freedom of this program (I guess that's why I wrote it that way, haha).


Here's what exercise has looked like this week :

            Daily long walks with the pup

      Sunday - Legs

      Monday - HIIT sprints and circuits

      Tuesday - Upper body and abs

      Wednesday - HIIT springs and circuits

      Thursday - rest

      Friday - 5 mile trail run and hot yoga

      Saturday - rest + some abs

      Sunday - unintentional rest day (after the concert #listentoyourbody)

 (Friday's trail run was so fun!)


I am so excited about how this Mini Slim-Down is going! Keeping consistent is easy when the program is designed right for you. I would love to talk to you about designing yours and helping you be successful! Fill out the contact form on the coaching page to get in touch!



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