Rachel Rambles: Extremism v. Sustainability

July 3, 2018

In the context of health and wellness,

extremism and sustainability are mutually exclusive. 


Any practice that puts your body, mind or behaviors into an extreme state

is not sustainable in the long-term. 


I have seen a ton of posts, articles, TV segments lately about the Keto diet. An old friend of mine recently posted on Facebook asking for opinions about the Keto diet, and reading the comments was fascinating. Everyone was either gung-ho for or against this diet. My initial thought when reading the comments was "Don't do it! So restrictive! You'll never maintain it because you love mac & cheese and chips & salsa"... and I commented as much. Based on this friend's Snap Chat stories, the mac and chips are still going strong. 


Not just to call out the Keto diet- ANY program (diet, exercise, cleanse, detox) that throws you completely out of your element or cannonballs you into an extreme regimen will NOT be sustainable over time. If you can't stick to a program, how can you expect to see long-term results that you can maintain over time? 


Sure, maybe you can eat a super narrow list of foods, or do a juice fast, or keep up with an intense daily exercise program for a short period of time. Then, you start craving your favorite comfort food, you need to actually chew something, you're tired, sore and burnt out.


Then what? You go back to your normal habits and probably lose any "progress" you had made. 


The right program is one that you can incorporate into the life that you are already living. The right program helps you to build habits that will lead you toward a sustainable, maintainable healthy life. The right program helps you to learn your body and how to make healthy choices that serve it. 


For me-and for most people, this canNOT mean eliminating my favorite comfort foods or treats. This canNOT mean forcing myself through workouts that I absolutely hate. This canNOT mean force feeding myself foods that I can't stomach. 


This is where the hard part comes in... What is the "right" program for you? There is no easy answer to this because it doesn't exist yet. You have to be an active part in the creation of your program- learning about your nutrition, listening to your body, finding your sense of balance, and testing the changes that you can make (and maintain!) to help bring you progress toward your goals. 


It may seem daunting, but going through it with a guide, someone who has been there before and can help you make the decisions as you go, can really help on the way. Being that guide is the thing that really lights up my soul! Nothing makes me more excited that having the opportunity to help people change their habits to change their life. 


My friend's Facebook post made me wish that more people would be willing to put in the work to find the right path. We're all looking for the quick fix diet or exercise program that we can jump into to solve all of out problems. The truth is that each of those problems needs to be investigated and solved individually and with the compassion to find long-term solutions. 


You can do it the right way. Maybe you need some help along the way, and I'd love to be there for you. Let me know if you are ready to start the process. 


Sending you love, happiness, and health,







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