What I've Been Loving Lately: Essential Oils

June 27, 2018

Over the past several months, I have dived into the world of essential oils with no abandon. (Read about the beginnings of this journey here and here. I am happy to say that they have become "game-changers" in my healthy lifestyle. 


The powers of essential oils kick in almost immediately when you start using them, but just like with any healthy change (like implementing new diet or fitness strategies) consistency is key. Sticking with regular use of EOs over the past few months have brought me more results than I could have imagined.  And, damn these results are good! 


Oils have introduced an aspect of wellness that I was unaware I needed in my life. It seems that for any emotional or physical issue there's an oily answer to help support all of my mind's and body's systems. My skin has never been better, my digestion never smoother, or my anxiety more balanced.


I have replaced nearly all of my household products with DIY products that I made myself and infused with the powers of these oils- both detoxifying my environment and helping out my budget.  I have loved spreading these products by giving them as gifts (I always think gifts made with love are extra special. 


It's hard to put into words the effect these oils have had for me. Each person's wellness journey is different, but I can share what I am loving! Maybe you will love it too! 


Favorite Diffuser Recipes:

Morning Energy                            Uplifting                                              Bright and Clean

(in the am or in the early afternoon)       (great when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed)            (love this on house-cleaning day)

- 2 drops lemon                                        - 4 drops Joy                                                 - 4 drops Purification

- 2 drops lime                                             - 4 drops lavender                                       - 4 drops lemon

- 3 drops peppermint                                



Sleep Well                             Respiratory Support                              Grounding

(my jam! sleep like a rock)                     (I diffuse this overnight to help with some                 (helps to bring me back to earth    

                                                                chest congestion from pneumonia                                       when anxiety is up)

                                                                       when I was 19... no joke!)

- 2 drops lavender                            - 3 drops eucalyptus                                   - 3 drops Peace & Calming II

- 2 drops Thieves                              - 3 drops Raven                                           - 3 drops lavender

- 2 drops copaiba                               - 1 drop Thieves                                         - 2 drops copaiba

- 2 drops frankincense                     - 2 drops lavender



DIY Faves:

  1. This shave gel - so so so smooth!

  2.  This laundry detergent and fabric softener - laundry products are one of the most heavily scented (aka toxic) products that we use regularly. These recipes take out all the icky. My dad, who has sensitive skin and usually reacts to detergents, can use this recipe with no problems. 

  3. This chapstick - my lips are obsessed (I swapped the beeswax for carnauba wax to make it plant-based)

  4. Still loving my Thieves Household Cleaner and hand soap


Exfoliating Sugar Scrub: 

- 1/2 cup coconut oil

- 1/2 sugar (I use organic cane sugar)

- 5-10 drops lavender essential oil

           Smoosh together the oil and sugar until combined. 

           Stir in essential oil.

           Use to exfoliate dry skin before showering or rinsing. 

   * I like to do this on my legs before I shave. It exfoliates any dry skin off so you can shave closer and leaves the surface super moisturized. 


Whipped Body Butter

- 1 cup shea butter

- 1/2 coconut oil

- 1 Tbsp. almond oil

- 2 tsp. vitamin E oil

- 10 drops essential oils (I love lavender for skin, and have also used frankincense and rosemary)

          Combine all ingredients except EOs into a blender or food processor.

          Pulse for 10 second intervals until it is combined, whipped, and creamy. 

          Add in Eos, and pulse for 2-3 more intervals. 

    * This has totally replaced my everyday lotion. I rub it all over after a shower and on my hands when they are dry. 


Essential Oil Bug Spray

- 2 oz spray bottle

- 15-20 drops citronella essential oil

- 15 drops peppermint essential oil

- 5-10 drops each of rosemary, lemongrass, and eucalyptus essential oils

- 1 tsp isopropyl alcohol

              Combine all oils and alcohol in the spray bottle.

              Fill the rest of the bottle with water. 

              Top the bottle with spray top. 

              Shake gently before spraying on exposed skin. 

      * So happy to find something that isn't full of harmful pesticides and other chemicals.


Soothing Sun Burn Relief

- palmful of pure aloe vera

- 2-3 drops lavender essential oil

              Combine in your hand and rub over sun burnt skin.

              Purrr with relief. 

      * Got my cynical big brother to try this on family vacation. He was totally blown away by the relief. 


It seems that everyday I am discovering a new effect that they are having in my life or a new way to implement them. I know that I have only scratched the surface of the many uses of essential oils... and I can't wait to keep digging!


Want to start your own essential oil journey? (for reduced prices!) Contact me, or click here to get started. 





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