Weekly Reflection April 15-21

April 22, 2018


Manage the new fit classes I added to my schedule this week.

In addition to teaching high school Spanish full time, I also teach some group fitness classes each week, and this week, I added on three new classes. When I first started doing it, I didn’t manage my time well enough to be able to focus my energy on teaching and to maintain my own workout schedule. Now, though, I have a much better handle on that, and I so much more confidence in myself. I am actually able to enjoy them so much. I look forward to teaching, and I leave the gym super energetic and feeling fulfilled by the work the members are doing.


However, it is one more commitment on schedule each day. Being able to manage my time, keep myself fueled, and get my own workouts in was my intention this week, and I am really proud of how I did. I showed myself that I can make time for everything. I key was planning ahead and using my time wisely to get prepared for my fitness classes. I also made sure to feed myself plenty of nourishing food to power me through each day.


Eat for nourishment:

Some favorites of my meals this week. I always try to eat as many whole plant foods as possible.


Move to feel good:

I’m really happy with my workouts this week. I am so excited for better weather to be able to get out to the trails more in coming weeks.  

Sunday: heavy leg day

Monday: run with the dog, shoulders/chest/triceps, taught core class

Tuesday: rest, taught 2 fit classes

Wednesday: walk with the dog, back/biceps/taught core class

Thursday: HIIT circuit workout

Friday: long walk with the dog, hot power yoga

Saturday: taught core class, legs



Since I come home from teaching fit class so wound up, I have to intentionally wind down before I can sleep. I have been loving the combo of Peace & Calming II, Cedarwood, and Rosemary. It is calming and grounding. It relaxes me and helps my buzzing mind to slow down before bed. The grounding has helped me to calm any anxiety or stress I have had about work. It’s definitely and earthy scent,  but it feels so good to my mind.


 I have also been loving my Thieves cleaning products in my Transition to Toxic-Free process. 




Overall, this week has been a grind. I prefer to be busy, and this week has not disappointed in that. I like to keep moving and have a task to accomplish, but I know that both my mind and my body need some rest and downtime. I have to consciously tell myself to take a night off and relax. This week I definitely reminded myself of that and made some time on both Thursday and Friday nights for this “me” time. It’s so important, despite what my mind tells me sometimes, to take this time for myself so that I don’t end up depleted or sick.


There are about 5 more weeks of school, and I need to keep myself energized and healthy so that I can finish strong.  Of course, the way to do that is to keep doing what I have been doing- Eating for nourishment to give my body the fuel and nutrients it needs. Moving to feel good and to keep myself fit and strong. Breathing to keep my mind healthy and present. And, maybe most importantly, finding time to just BE with myself, forever working towards that balance and sense of peace that will keep my happy and well. That’s the goal, after all.  


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