Weekly Reflection - April 8-14

April 14, 2018



Manage the first week back at school and the start of the crazy, end of course testing schedules.

As a teacher of an elective, these tests really mess up my plans. They pull kids out to test, and I never know who will be in class each day. It makes planning nearly impossible, which throws my rhythm way off.


Get things done, but don’t put too much pressure to do it all now.

I have lots of things on my daily to-do list. It’s a literal list on my desk at work and another running in the notes on my phone. I am a list maker, and I love crossing off completed tasks. But, sometimes, seeing the length of the list-  the amount of things I need to do, the places I need to be- my brain starts buzzing. I feel like I need to get it all done now, my anxiety rises, and I feel defeated before I have even begun. I have to consciously remind myself that everything will get done, eventually. “I can do it all, just not all at once.” I say it to myself often. It helps me to get some perspective on all of those tasks on the list, prioritize them, and knock them off one at a time, while still giving my full attention to each task as I tackle it.


Eat for nourishment:

Some favorites of my meals this week. I always try to eat as many whole plant foods as possible.



Move to feel good:

Where last week I may have overdone it and tilted the scales of life balance toward the end of “on the way to burnt out”, this week was quite the opposite. I didn’t make it to the gym almost at all. I was exhausted after school and wanted to hang with my dog. We also had a few days of beautiful weather (finally!) and I couldn’t possibly spend that in the gym.

Sunday: trail run (3 miles)

Monday: rest

Tuesday: run (2.5 miles), taught 2 fit classes

Wednesday: long dog walk in the beautiful weather (1 hour, 15 minutes)

Thursday: ditto of Wed.

Friday: trail run (4.5 miles)

Saturday: taught core class, shoulders/chest session



Still loving my diffuser and oil combos.

I have been loving adding a drop of lemon vitality and peppermint vitality to my water throughout the day. It just tastes good and makes me feel so happy.


I got my April delivery from Young Living (more on that soon), including a little USB diffuser (top right pic above) to take into my classroom. The students responded really well to it. They were curious and enjoyed the way it smelled. Little did they know that I was keeping some positive energy going in the room with citrus fresh and peppermint.



This week has been kind of a roller coaster. I mentioned above about putting pressure on myself to do all the work, all right now. So, I have had to work my way through that. I got some good news at work about class scheduling for next year that took a huge weight off my shoulders (woo hoo!). However, I’ve had some rocky times in my relationship and my own struggles with self-confidence that are really tough right now. It’s one of those periods that I really need to take some time for myself and to separate so I can work stuff out in my head and my heart. I am really trying, and that’s all I can ask of myself.


Even when things are up and down, busy and stressful, prioritizing health is something we can all do to remind ourselves that we are worth it. Each time that I create a nourishing meal, move my body with intention, or take a deep breath to ease my mind, it is an act of self-care and self-love.


Eat for nourishment. Move to feel good. Breathe, and BE. It’s not complicated, but it does take the smallest  bit of extra effort. You are worth it. I am worth it. And with each step that we all take toward better health, both physically and emotionally, we are creating positivity that spreads through our environment and to the people around us. It’s worth it to take care of you, because in the end, it takes care of the rest of your world.


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