Weekly Reflection - Spring Break (4/1-4/7)

April 7, 2018



Allow for some rest and downtime. Always work toward balance.

I have a really hard time sitting still. I find myself buzzing around all the time- 3 jobs, fitness, cleaning, cooking, laundry- there is always something to be done. Downtime can actually make me a little uncomfortable. Isn’t there something I “should” be doing? Eventually I burn out, though, and have my “hibernation weekends” where I try to do as little as possible. Balance is something that I am always trying to figure out. Maybe I wouldn’t crash so hard if I allowed for rest and downtime as part of my regular routine. Being off of work this week for Spring Break, I hoped to find some rest and some quiet, and to continue working toward that elusive balance everyone is always talking about.


Eat for nourishment:

Some favorites of my meals this week. I always try to eat as many whole plant foods as possible. This week, that was countered with a few nights out, and a few tasty beers.



Move to feel good:

This is where my balance this week may have been a little off. I always feel like, when I have the time off, I should kick my fitness into gear (not that it isn’t already in gear), and today (Saturday) I realized that I haven’t taken a rest day in 9 days… that is way too long. Tomorrow, rest.

Sunday: legs and yoga

Monday: upper body lift, yoga

Tuesday: cardio, abs, accidental barre class

Wednesday: legs (surprisingly awesome workout… heavy deadlifts for the win)

Thursday: upper body (push focus)

Friday: cardio, yoga

Saturday: cardio, abs - intended for a leg day but my body was like “nope” obviously I need a day off.




Still loving my diffuser and oil combos that I described in this post.

A couple times before my workouts I also drank some water with a drop of Lemon Vitality and Peppermint Vitality in it which really got me in the mood for a killer session. I had no idea I would love peppermint so much but It’s becoming one of my favorite oils. I ordered another 15ml bottle for my next order, for which I am very impatiently awaiting the arrival next week.

In the evening, I have been diffusing something calming and grounding. My current favorite combo is lavender, copaiba, frankincense, and Thieves.



Heading back to work on Monday, after a week off, always gets my nerves going just a little.I want to hit the ground running, but I also  want to maintain the level of calm and the hours of sleep I have been getting this week. That is just unrealistic. It’s hard to say goodbye to the quiet and get myself prepared to jump back into the teaching grind. I am always working toward figuring out the whole balance thing, and I don’t want to let it slip away. Only 6 more weeks of school, though. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes that is the best way to keep pushing through each day. Find an endpoint, and keep looking forward to that.


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