Experimenting with Essential Oils: Getting Hooked (Ep. 1)

April 1, 2018

When it comes to anything holistic, health promoting, and hippie dippy, I am an easy sell. My entire health and wellness philosophy centers around the power of whole, natural plants and I believe firmly that all preventative health measures can be found in nature. Since my youth, I have felt a deep energetic and spiritual connection to nature.


I attended my first Young Living Essential Oils class, I felt like they were speaking my language! The fact that these oils, extracted from whole plants, in their purest form, could help with emotional balance and physical health just made sense to me- of course they can... that is the power of plants and so many cultures have relied on these remedies for centuries. I left that class inspired to start learning essential oils and experiencing their powers in my life.




A few days later, I purchased my Premium Starter Kit and the Thieves Starter Kit (for non-toxic cleaning… more on that later), and I waited completely impatiently for them to be delivered. If there is one negative aspect to my experience thus far with Young Living Essential Oils, it has been the long delivery time. I was eager to get started and I have been ruined by Amazon Prime’s quick, free delivery. But, they are well worth the wait.  In the meantime, I started educating myself on different oils, their properties and how to use them. It’s so inspiring! A whole aspect of holistic wellness that I had never studied or incorporated before!


When I finally received my shipment, I got to work experimenting and creating things that I thought I would need or would work for me. That’s part of the fun with essential oils- they work differently for different people depending on preferences, emotional needs at that moment, and brain biology. It’s really similar to nutrition in that way- there are foundational principles, but each body is slightly different.  Experimenting with Essential Oils is going to be theme of a weekly post on here where I will share what I am doing, what’s working, and what I am learning. I can’t wait to find my way through and share it along the way.


The Premium Starter Kit that I ordered is a really great way to get started with the Essential Oils. In the pack, I received a pretty diffuser and 11 different oils to start using. It makes the experience so approachable: It's like the sampler platter of all of the most accessible and useful oils. There is a great variety, and it is the perfect step to start with experimenting and getting used to incorporating oils into daily life. In the first few weeks, I was able to try out a wide range of oils and feel their benefits in my emotional and physical wellness.


I am so inspired to start creating more with essential oils and to fully integrate the into my life to improve my over all wellness even more. My head is buzzing with ideas about how to further use them in my home (future DIY projects to come) and to gift them to loved ones. I think it will be a fantastic way to make personalized and thoughtful gifts that will spread the oily love and wellness to the people I care about most. And beyond? Who know. For now, I will continue to work with and experiment on myself. So much to learn!


So what have I been up to in the first few weeks?



Using a diffuser (the Desert Mist one I got in my kit is so pretty!) is one of the best ways to get the oils up into the air and to feel their effects aromatically. On top of that, it purifies the air in the room or area… for my teeny apartment, that’s basically the whole thing. I started simple with some basic combos to see how they made me feel:

  • Calming and relaxation: I started using my diffuser on a Friday evening after a LONG week. I did about 4 drops of Stress Away and 4 drops of lavender essential oils. It really did change the overall feeling of my apartment that night. I loved how it made me relax mentally and physically. I could feel my muscles physically letting go of the long week. The soft light from the diffuser was a nice change from the gross fluorescent light in my kitchen. After that first night, I have been using this combo pretty regularly.  I also like to diffuse frankincense because I find it so grounding and calming... something my mind desperately needs. 


  • Energy: Definitely my favorite use of my oils so far has been to diffuse some peppermint and lemon or Citrus Fresh first thing in the morning. The peppermint is energizing and the citrus makes me happy.

    • On Saturday, I had to teach an early fitness class which is tough when my brain isn’t really awake yet. I diffused that blend, and it totally got me going. My class killed, and I rode that high to my own workout after.

    • Later when I got home, I diffused the same blend, played some fun music and deep cleaned my whole apartment. It was actually really fun thanks to all of my energy and my new Thieves cleaning products (more on that later).

    • Monday morning I tried the same energizing blend and it really helped to get me going and start the week off with the good vibes I needed (last week before Spring Break, woot woot).

  • I also put this same blend of peppermint, lemon, and Citrus Fresh into a roller-ball with some carrier oil. I used that to rub on my hands and inhale before my workout on Sunday, and it was awesome! Like a preworkout without any caffeine or weird chemicals.

Panaway muscle relief

I absolutely killed my workouts this weekend: Friday was shoulders/tris, Saturday I hit back, and Sunday was heavy leg day. By the time Sunday evening rolled around, the entire back side of my body was achy and sore in that really great way that it gets after a week of good workouts. For recovery, I took a nice yoga class, then came home and took a hot shower. To help my sore muscles even more, I had the boyfriend take a dollop of coconut oil (which I use daily as my body moisturizer) and a few drops of the Panaway blend and massage it into my back, shoulders, and triceps.


Yes the message itself felt great, but within minutes of him stopping, I felt the soreness in my back ease up. No joke, it was like a physical muscle release. It was amazing! He missed my obliques, though (or I didn’t direct him there, I guess) and the contrast between the soreness on my sides to the relief I felt in my back was so noticeable. Definitely going to keep testing this stuff over the next weeks for my sore muscles.

I can already tell that Experimenting with Essential Oils is going to be fun. I am also excited about how I will be able to improve my health and wellness with these powerful oils. It’s a game-changer in a similar way that finding the power of a plant-based diet was for me. Really, it’s a similar discovery… or I am just uncovering more of what I already knew to be the amazing powers of plants. What can I say, I drank the Kool-Aid… or inhaled the oils!

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