Eat for nourishment. Move to feel good. Build a healthy lifestyle.

March 27, 2018

It’s a simple philosophy, really. But, it wasn’t always that easy for me.  I started my health and fitness journey nearly 10 years ago and it has taken me to just about every corner of the realm of dieting and exercise. From eating as little as possible and doing all the cardio, to counting every gram of macros and keeping to a very disciplined lifting program, to literally running myself into illness.


Honestly, the more I experimented and the more I learned, the more confusing the whole thing seemed. There are so many different, conflicting philosophies of diet and fitness. So many different studies. So many different personal anecdotes.  It’s really overwhelming. A giant black hole of information with buzzwords and super foods and programs swarming around making very little sense. Sound familiar?


In my journey to make sense of they whole thing,  I read countless articles and books, and ultimately got my certifications in personal training, group fitness, and nutrition coaching. I've worked with dozens of people trying to sift through all of the information and create the healthy and fit lifestyle they have always dreamed of having. The real confusion and difficulty comes from the fact that for each of us, this lifestyle looks slightly different. There is not perfect plan for you, at least not yet. It takes investment and experimentation, education and persistence, and someone in your corner guiding you along the way. I would love to be that person for you. Contact me and let's start your journey now!


Oh, right, where was I going? My journey...Eventually, I had to say “f*ck this”. In the simplest of terms, what is the real point to all of this? It’s health. Energizing, sustainable, long-term health and wellness. In my core, I knew that the answer really is simple-

Eat for nourishment. Move to feel good.

When those 2 things are the driving force behind my fitness decisions, I can’t make a wrong choice. When I allow those 2 things to shape my days consistently for weeks, months, and years into the future, I can rest assured that I am treating my body with kindness and building the healthy lifestyle that I can truly LIVE; the foundation of a long and healthy future to come. 


What does it mean in real practice?


Eat for nourishment.

Put things into your body that bring it real nutrition- vitamins, minerals, fiber, hydration. Leave out the nonsense that doesn’t actually provide your body much of anything- overly processed foods, empty sugars, excessive salt and fat.


 Each day, I try to eat as many different whole vegetables and fruits as possible. That is the foundation of how I make the decision of what to eat for each meal; greens first, then other whole veggies and fruits, making sure to include lots of different textures and colors. Then, add in healthy whole plant proteins and fats. When I get these nutrients from plants, I know that I am also getting more of the good stuff that makes my body thrive.


My meals are huge- girl likes to eat! They are bursting with different flavors and textures that I love, and I know that I am truly nourishing my body when I fill it with living, nutritious foods.  It’s an act of self-care and self-love for my physical body, and it also sets my heart at ease, knowing that I am giving my cells what they need and balancing my caloric intake so my body gets the fuel it needs on a consistent basis. I find that by eating this way, my weight has naturally regulated to a place where I am healthiest. I am connected and responsive to my hunger cues in a way I never have been before.  Food is now a friend, no longer an enemy, and, damn it feels good.


Move to feel good.

Try to move everyday. Second to healthy diet, this is the one of the most important things that we can do for our bodies. In a culture where we are more stationary than ever, it’s important to intentionally move your body everyday. Unlike I once thought, that does not mean we have to kill ourselves in super intense workouts everyday. Sometimes, yes. But that doesn’t always help us to just feel good.



Some days, it feels good to run a few miles with my friends in the trails. On other days, it feels amazing to lift heavy weights in the gym. Some days, it’s fun to jump around in a high intensity interval workout. A few days a week, I want to sweat and move through a hot yoga flow. Some days, there is nothing better than walking my dog for an hour or so. And from time to time, it feels good to lie on my living room floor and stretch out my sore muscles. 


All of these things, in balance, are important to my health and fitness. All of them have validity and should be respected as part of my “fitness regimen”.  And while I like to plan out my workouts at the beginning of the week, sometimes things don’t go to plan. So each day, I try to move to feel good. That’s the goal. It’s simple and looks different each week, but over time, it has built me this body that is stronger and healthier than ever before.



This part of my philosophy speaks to my personal need to slow down sometimes. Our lives these days always seem to be go, go, go. It's difficult for me to pause to breathe sometimes, but I know that it is important. I have to consciously tell myself to stop and take some deep breaths to calm my nerves, to bring my over-analytical head down out of the clouds, and to show my body some care.



When I discovered the power of essential oils to enhance these moments of stillness, my emotional balance was totally changed. The power of diffusing and breathing in essential oils is undeniable. Whether it's energy or calming that I need, I can use essential oils to easily help me breathe and get my mind there. It's a small thing to add in to a daily routine that can really make such a difference.   


Build a healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the day, health, fitness and true wellness don’t have to be such a fuss. When we incorporate healthy habits and small changes into daily living, we almost don’t even notice we are doing it. Then one day it’s like “Wow, I look great!” or  “I feel amazing!” or “Holy crap, I’m stronger today!” It’s a lifestyle, so we have to be able to live it.


Let's get started building your healthy lifestyle today!



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