Give me 30 minutes for 4 days, and I'll teach you everything you need to

master healthy eating to lose weight and keep it off,

without sacrificing your favorite treats. 

The workshop kicks off 

Monday, June 17!

No more:


     confusing & contradicting diet rules

     restrictive foods list

     expensive supplements


     a truly nourishing approach to food

     deeper understanding of nutrition

     a flexible method for

      weight loss that works!

     strategies to find balance

     wiggle room for treats

Your first steps toward finding food freedom and a nutrition method that WORKS WITHOUT DEPRIVATION

Our 4 days together will change the game for you in your diet and weight loss efforts.... time to see some real SUCCESS!





Flexible Dieting 101

  • defining macronutrients

  • appropriate calorie balance for your body

  • how to track mindfully for faster weight loss

  • dispelling fat-loss myths

  • staying flexible and incorporating treats

Healthy Eating Basics

  • defining "healthy"

  • what to eat more of & what to avoid

  • how to audit your current diet

  • debunking healthy food myths

  • strategies to put into action today

Live Coaching Q&A

  • follow up details from last 2 days

  • bring all of your nutrition questions to be answered in real time

Next Steps

  • how to keep the healthy eating and flexible diet going or long-term success

  • incorporating fitness into the mix

  • VIP access to new program opportunity, 

After this week, you will have everything you need to carry yourself to you long-term weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals! 

No more getting swayed by or buying into weight-loss gimmicks that don't work and make you feel like crap!

It's all within your reach with your new knowledge and flexible approach!

Are you ready to finally figure out healthy eating?

Do you want to feel energetic, de-bloated, and in control while losing weight?

Do you want to go into summer with a plan to finally start reading your fitness goals?

NOW's your chance to get it all started... fo' FREE!

The workshop kicks off Monday, June 17!


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