When was the last time you woke up feeling ENERGIZED  or came home from work and didn't want to melt into the couch?

When was the last time you caught yourself in the mirror and thought "Okaaay, girl, you look good!"or felt real CONFIDENCE in your skin?

Do you feel like you've tried everything to lose weight, but nothing sticks?... like what is working for others just doesn't work for you?...


Are you sick of it feeling like a failure and ready to find something that actually WORKS this time?

Is your body and lack of confidence holding you back and keeping you from trying new things, putting yourself out there in relationships, or going for that promotion? 

Your time is NOW!

12 weeks of personalized diet and exercise programming to help you:

  •  shed 10-30 lbs of body fat

  •  grow stronger both mentally and physically

  •  build sexy curves

  •  feel energized and CONFIDENT

You are fed up with feeling tired and achey at the end of the day, having nothing to wear, or feeling uncomfortable getting your picture taken.

You want to be LEAN and TONED, but your current diet and workouts aren't getting you there. 

This program is for YOU if...

It's time to make changes once and for all!

You feel pulled toward a natural approach. No more gimmicks or weird supplements!

You have tried every diet trend, but nothing sticks.

You have been caught in the diet/fitness yo-yo trap for years.​ 

The Mission

True VITALITY goes deeper than just having enough energy to trudge through your day. It’s about waking up every morning feeling positive, with a true excitement and confidence to take on the day ahead.


This program is about more than just weight loss, it’s about reshaping the direction of your life so that your weight, discomfort in your skin, and low self image no longer hold you back from trying new things, stepping into new roles, and living everyday of your life to its fullest. 


We use the principles of a nourishing, health-promoting nutritional philosophy, combined with effective balanced workouts to naturally increase your wellness and boost your energy.


This is about taking care of YOU, prioritizing your health and your goals, so that you arrive on the other side with a new fit-focused lifestyle that brings you the confidence to take on life!

I have struggled with body image and self-love since I was a child. I spent too many years hating on my body and punishing it for not looking how I wanted it to. Finding strength training and a sustainable, nourishing diet gave me the results I wanted and the empowerment I needed to move forward from a place of self-love!


In the past 5+ years working in the fitness industry as a trainer, instructor and diet coach, I have helped so many women make the same physical transformations and find a similar mindset. ​

Working together online means that I can teach you the Total Vitality method that I have created and share with you every trick I have. We will get to connect as often as you need, so that you are supported through the whole process... not lost like I was. By the end of your coaching program, you will have all you need to carry your success far into your future!

I am so excited and honored to help you!

Hi! I'm Rachel

Imagine yourself in your healthiest life...

Losing fat easily without feeling restricted or starved.

getting leaner and stronger, without the gym totally taking over your life. 

balancing your day and still enjoying your favorite treats and social gatherings.

improving energy, digestion, and overall health with a few simple changes.

CONFIDENT to walk in to the room, meet new people, and dominate your day!

Feeling energized and empowered to tackle anything in your life.

You will be UNSTOPPABLE!


My signature, personalized fitness coaching program is here to make it happen!

Get started right away!

the Total Vitality Method

Are you ready to start your journey?

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