Hi! I’m Rachel. I grew up in Cincinnati, OH.

As a kid, I was super active as an elite competitive dancer. I was strong, flexible and had great endurance, but I was overweight. I spent the large part of my youth and adolescence absolutely hating the way my body looked and felt. I was uncomfortable in my skin and self-conscious. I had no understanding of how food and fitness affected my body.










In college, I started working to avoid the freshman fifteen and to improve my body.

I was a yo-yo dieter and a cardio bunny. I did everything I could to lose weight and feel more confident, but I was uneducated (ridiculous, considering I was an education major!). I over did it, and I spiraled into some very disordered and unhealthy eating and fitness behaviors.


I spent most of my young adult life battling with my body. I struggled with setting goals and how best to progress toward them. I couldn't figure out the best way to eat and move to actually reach the vague intentions I had set for myself.


It was all some unsolvable mystery that I was just destined to never figure out. 


I got my first group fitness certification in 2012 and started my journey helping others to get active and make healthy changes. In the years since, I have added on Personal Training and Nutrition Coach Certificates. I have helped dozens of people on their health and wellness transformations, and there is nothing that lights up my heart more than seeing a client make progress, both physical and mental. It's all a part of the equation, and I am so proud of the program that I have build to put it all together. 

At my core, I am a teacher.

Nothing brings me greater joy than to see others come to new understandings- whether that be in my classroom or in my training and nutrition clients. I am passionate about helping others to come to the same understanding of their body’s health and wellness needs. I want everyone to feel the empowerment and freedom that I felt as I came to understand my own.


Read more about my simple philosophy of health and wellness:

Eat for nourishment. Move to feel good. Breathe, and BE

After college, it became clear that I needed to heal my relationship with my body and work toward finding balance in my life. I realized "duh, you highly qualified high school teacher... educate yourself!". I learned all I could about nutrition, fitness, strength training, and mental wellness. I have worked really hard over the past few years to learn and apply this new understanding to my own life.

Rachel E. Stewart

a teacher at heart


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