Plant EmPowered 21 Day Challenge

Three weeks of fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching. 


Experience the power of a plant-based diet and structured workout program.


Join me in finding the empowerment  that comes from doing it out of your own self-love.

21 Days to

  • Drop 3-5 lbs

  • Jump-start sculpting toned curves

  • Shift your mindset and self-belief

  • Connect with self love

This challenge is for YOU if:

You want to transform your health in 2019!


You are ready to ditch gimmicky diets that make you feel crummy and depleted.


You want a community of support to keep you accountable, motivated, and encouraged.


You are ready to learn about healthy eating and balanced fitness.


You have always wondered about a plant-based diet but have never had the nerve to

just try it! - OR -  You have tried it before but aren’t knowledgeable enough to keep it going long term. 


You want to build a lean, toned body but your current fitness habits don’t seem to be getting you there.

Hi, I’m Rachel!

If you are struggling in the forward-backward-up-down roller coaster that comes with trying to lose weight and get healthy…girl, I’m with ya! I have struggled with body image and self-love since I was a child. I spent too many years hating on my body and punishing it for not looking how I wanted it to. Finding a plant-based diet and strength training gave me the results I wanted and the empowerment I needed to move forward from a place of self-love!


In the past 5+ years working in the fitness industry as a trainer, instructor and diet coach, I have helped so many women make the same physical transformations and find a similar mindset. ​

I am so excited to help YOU!

Why 21 days?

Because repeating something 21 times will turn it into a habit. We will dive heart-first into

plant-based flexible dieting, balanced strength training, and shifting your mindset 

to immerse you into a new healthy lifestyle.

I know that you can make the healthy transformation you have always wanted,

and this is the perfect first step!

Imagine if...

You could banish the self-deprecating thoughts that stand in your way every day, so eating healthy and working out didn’t feel like punishment!


You didn’t feel tired or sluggish most days so you could kill workouts, make big moves at work, and have energy to spend quality time with your loved ones.


You were able to feel confident in your “skinny” jeans again.


You felt supported and encouraged to stay in the game this time!


You finally felt like you GET what it means to eat healthy… and it makes you feel GOOD!

Results in just 21 days!

Amanda, 33 : 3 weeks progress : down 3 lbs

                                 down inches in ALL measurements

How you will do it:

Plant-Based Flexible Dieting Guidebook

Strength based workout program

Mindset Coaching email course

Private Facebook Group

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$250 value

$250 value

Your price = $110

This is just what you need!

21 Days to kickstart your healthy transformation in 2019!

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December 30th


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